Out With The Old, In With The New


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Old Logo Versus New Logo

Melissa Eugene, Club Member

What everybody once knew as Facebook, is now known as “Meta.” 

Since its debut in 2004, Facebook has grown to earn worldwide recognition for being one of the most renowned social networking services worldwide. The moniker, “Facebook”, is what everybody is familiar with, but now the company has deemed that it’s time for a rebranding.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, announced on Thursday, October 28th, that Facebook will no longer be referred to as Facebook, but instead will be known as Meta.

The reason for the name change has everyone wondering why. Zuckerberg claims that the current brand he has today is simply not able to convey what they’re achieving now, and since that is occurring, they [Facebook] won’t even be able to do it in the future. 

He states he wants to develop a metaverse, hence the name “Meta”, where individuals have the opportunity to utilize virtual reality (VR) headsets while gaming, working, and conversing in a virtual world.

The name change also comes amid the whipping controversies that have arisen regarding Facebook and its role in causing division in the world, rather than connections and unity among users. 

 This successful company is striving for a new and improved future with its substantial relaunch.