Bubble Barriers Help Protect Our Oceans



Pounds of plastic have been prevented from going into the oceans because of the bubble barrier.

Cindy Apolonio Romero, Staff Writer

Pollution is a big problem all over the world. Many people have been looking for ways to reduce and get rid of pollution. It’s very hard because of all of the garbage and plastic in the world.

However, in the Netherlands, they have created a bubble barrier.

This bubble barrier helps prevent plastic from going into the ocean from the river. The bubble barrier has a simple design; a pipe is installed at the bottom of the body of water. The pipe has holes that allow air to go through. When the air goes through, bubbles are created. It’s quite simple but very effective at stopping garbage and plastic from going into the ocean.

It has always been hard to prevent plastic and garbage from reaching the oceans. This is because many ways prevented transportation for boats. Boats are very crucial to the economy, and it’s nearly impossible to stop this transportation for a preventative method.

Animals can also be affected by the methods being used. What’s good about the bubble barrier is that it doesn’t stop transportation and doesn’t affect animals. The boats can go right through the bubble barrier because it doesn’t have a wall, it’s just the motion of the water. The animals aren’t affected because it’s nothing toxic and doesn’t prevent them from leaving the body of water.

Once the plastic is stopped from leaving the waters, motion guides the plastic into the catchment system. The catchment system collects the plastic and holds it until it’s removed and properly disposed of.

The bubble barrier has been very successful and is now not only going to be in the Netherlands, but also in Porto Region, Portugal. The bubble barrier will help prevent plastic from going into the Atlantic Ocean. Porto Region has been shown to have one of the most polluted rivers.

The bubble barrier can be implemented all over the world. Especially in places that contribute to plastic pollution into the ocean.

This could help reduce the significant amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean.