Lauren Smith-Fields Death May Finally be Getting Answers


Rolling Stone

Lauren Smith-Fields was only 23.

Berlens Louidort, Club Member

Lauren Smith-Fields was a student at Norwalk Community College. She even had her own business going on, was a person filled with laughter, and always brought you back up whenever you’re down.

She was found dead inside her apartment on December 12, 2021. During this one month, the police failed to speak to the family. They had to call the Bridgeport Police Department just to confirm that she wasn’t with us anymore.

The main issue of this matter was someone who was with her, and who was seen last with her, wasn’t even a suspect. The officer said he was a “nice guy,” and they weren’t going to look into him much more, which of course was odd to just stick up for a suspect. Even after this, the family wanted their rightfully deserved answers. They’ve called but were left to be told to stop calling and hanging upon them.

Shantell Smith said, “They treated her like she was nobody like she was not important.” The family had to pay their own money for an independent autopsy. One thing they do know is that it was an overdose. The autopsy showed that a combination of fentanyl, promethazine, hydroxyzine, and alcohol was found inside her system.

More information is yet to come. She deserves to be heard.