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What It’s Like Starting My First Business

Deanna Isaac
Please follow @dd.delightss for my delicious sweet treats!

Starting a business is not an easy task for many. I was nervous about starting one because I had a thought in the back of my head about whether people would even buy or support my business. However, I learned to overcome these doubts and still pursue my lifelong dream of baking.

Baking is just one of the multiple businesses I want to start. I have always taken pride in baking so I started with baking for my family and friends. Since starting high school, I knew that when I left I wanted to have already started one business and baking happened to be the first one that I created.

When the idea first came to thought that I wanted to start a baking business, I knew that I had to begin somewhere. First I started with creating a page. Creating the page wasn’t a hard task at all. The hard part came when it was time to start bringing attention to my business. I knew I had to post and be active on my social media. Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely ever post on social media, so going from posting once every blue moon to having to post consistently was a huge jump for me.

Now it has been 2 months since taking the leap and I could say I am overly proud of myself. I made a goal when I first started to reach 50 followers on my page. I have now surpassed that goal and my next goal is to reach at least 120 followers before leaving for winter break.

My advice to anyone wanting to start a business or contemplating on whether to start one, this is your sign to DO IT! You will never know what you are capable of accomplishing if you never take the leap. Starting a business isn’t something that comes easy. Anyone who has a business can say that there are good and bad days. Though, the struggles do make you stronger and everything is worth it in the end.

I am still learning new things every day as I go and bettering myself. I say to never settle! With that being said, if interested, make sure to follow my business baking page on Instagram, @dd.delightss! I sell baked goods and if you want to purchase any, DM me & I’ll assist you. Some of the goods that I have made are shown below. These are just a few of the many I make. Thank you so much!


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Deanna Isaac
Deanna Isaac, Staff Writer
Hey everyone. I am Deanna, and I am currently a Senior here at Santlauces. This is my second year in the Santaluces Tribe. I am looking forward to enjoying my last year here in The Tribe, creating more memories, and posting content. I am into creating content such as interviews and writing a few articles here & there. After leaving here, I plan to attend college and get a degree in business. I hope you all enjoy the content.

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