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TikTok or Instagram Reels?

Do you prefer TikTok or Instagram reels?
J’Nai Davis
A student watching Tiktok

Instagram reels is a feature on Instagram that was added around 2020 and it allows people to upload, watch, or share videos with others. Instagram has a like button and a comment section where you can like others’ comments and even put memes under the reels. TikTok is like Instagram reels except it’s been out way longer, since 2018, after it changed from Musically to TikTok. TikTok has the same features such as a like and comment section and being able to save and send videos.

Today, I went around the school and was able to ask some students if they like watching TikTok or Instagram reels.

One student who creates videos, most know him as “Flaco,” says, “As a content creator, I choose Instagram reels because I honestly feel that it is way easier to blow up and allow more people to see my videos vs TikTok… I feel like I have to post every day just to get likes.” He also states, “On Instagram, I can boost my post by just paying around $5 to get people more to see my content. I also think way more people are on Instagram than on TikTok.”

Another student added, “Reels because I feel like they are way funnier than TikToks, especially the comment sections. Sometimes the comments are even funnier than the video itself. It shows more things I like to watch rather than Tiktok where it just gives me random stuff on my for you page.”

On the other hand, some people say, “I choose TikTok because I honestly feel like TikTok has more funnier videos than Instagram, it is way more relatable and I am able to repost other people’s videos.”

A teacher shared, “I prefer TikTok because you can make longer videos on TikTok (up to 10-minute videos) and I feel like they are more addicting fun to watch.”

Altogether, TikTok is more on the relatable side that people can connect more with their for you page and Instagram is more for funny videos where people can watch to be entertained. Many people have different opinions about this topic. TikTok and Instagram reels are very similar in some ways but their differences are why it is so easy for people to decide on which they prefer.

Which do you prefer?

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Tiktok or Instagram Reels?


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J’Nai Davis
J’Nai Davis, Staff Writer
Hey everyone, I'm J'Nai Davis. I'm a Junior this year at Santaluces High School and this is my first year in Newspaper. I am a Santaluces High Varsity Cheerleader and I am also a part of Student Government Association (SGA). I am the oldest of 8 in my family. I am looking forward to having an awesome year filled with lots of  joy and many good memories.

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