The Orange Octob3r

Alan McGonigle, Sports Writer

Well, the Giants got the job done in Kansas City, and this time it took all seven games.

The Giants finished off a World Series run for the ages after beating the Kansas City Royals away from home. It was not the bats that got the job done for the Giants, it was all pitching. After starter Tim Hudson gave up two runs in the second inning, it was lights out.

Manager Bruce Bochy turned to his bullpen full of studs and put the game on team ace Madison Bumgarner’s back. Fortunately, the risky move worked for Bochy and the Giants. Madison was lights out, giving up only 2 hits in 5 innings. It was a risky move due to the fact that Bumgarner was coming off a shutout performance of 117 pitches on only two days rest in a do or die game.

Not only did Bumgarner win the World Series, but also the Series MVP for going 3-0 with a 0.26 ERA, which is a new MLB record for lowest ERA in a World Series. For winning the MVP, Bumgarner earned himself a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado pickup. It was not just his efforts that won the title, Hunter Pence and Pablo Sandoval both made huge contributions on this run. Sandoval broke a franchise record 12 hits in the World Series while Hunter Pence batted nearly .500 the entire World Series which is by far one of the best performances in MLB history.

The Giants came into the series being a small ball team: winning games of small hits such as singles and doubles and relying all on pitching and their aces to carry them through each game. The Royals could just not match up with the Giants and they were outplayed in the final game. In this series, the Giants lived up to the saying “defense wins championships” and they are most definitely a dynasty that is always a threat to look out for in the postseason.

Coming into the postseason as the second wild card, the Giants were a team no one had winning it all. But, never count out the underdog.