Super Bowl Preview

Stanley Alexis, Sports Writer

Well, Super Bowl XLIX has arrived and the matchup is the Patriots vs Seahawks.

The number one team in the NFL, the Seahawks, takes on Brady and his explosive offense. Russell Wilson has the challenge of CB Darrell Revis on the Pats Defense, but has numerous targets including Marshawn Lynch and Doug Baldwin. On the Pats’ side, Brady has numerous defensive challenges including top rated CB Richard Sherman, Safety Earl Thomas, Linebacker Bobby Wagner, and CB Kam Chancellor. Should Brady find his consistent targets like Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman, he will give the Seahawks a run for their money.

Many fans are praying for a close game and not a complete monstrosity like last year with the Broncos, who Seattle beat 43-8 in an embarrassing blowout. For the Pats to keep the score within reach, they have to score every single possession and have little to no turnovers. For the Seattle defense to contradict this, Richard Sherman and his superb defense have to lock down all receivers and  limit LeGarrett Blount to small yard rushes.

If Seahawks’ offense wants to succeed, Wilson cannot have a game like he did against the Packers, which they almost lost. Marshawn Lynch also needs to run like he always does to take over the game and bring home to Seattle another Vince Lombardi Trophy.