Senior Night Honors Chiefs


Cajisha Telusme

Small Forward Mike Amius as he is announced in the starting line up on Senior Night.

Cajisha Telusme, Staff Writer

The 2014-2015 Basketball season has finally come to an end.  The Royal Palm Beach Wildcat’s clawed their way to a victory against the Santaluces Chiefs. The final score was 47 to 60.

The real show, however, seemed to be the ceremony before the game that showcased Santaluces’ senior athletes: Briahna Odom from the step team, as well as the senior basketball players and cheerleaders.

One by one, seniors and their escorts were announced by athletic director Mr. Livingston. The seniors and their escorts gracefully walked down the court as Mr. Livingston read off their achievements, special attributes, and their future plans. Along with some special news: Congratulations senior, Jude Paul for passing the FCAT!

Seniors were all smiles as they met with Principal Mrs. Robinson, Cheer coach Ms. Woodward and Basketball coach Mr. Dixon to shake hands and receive congratulations.