Final Four Predictions

Chief Basketball coaches make their predictions.

The NCAA Tournament Final Four will take place this weekend. The two match-ups are Duke (33-4) v. Michigan State (27-11) and Kentucky (38-0) v. Wisconsin (35-3). The tournament is a high stakes one. Loser goes home. The Final Four decides who will move on the NCAA title game.

Lets start with the Kentucky V. Wisconsin game. Kentucky is heavily favored to move on considering they are the undefeated at a record of 38-0, but they almost didn’t make it to the Final Four, winning a very close game against Notre Dame. They have played the best basketball possible.  On the Wisconsin side, they come in with a 35-3 record which is not close to Kentucky’s level of play this season. When it comes to how they play, Kentucky is the true favorite and will most likely move on.

“I think Kentucky will squeak by Wisconsin by about 4 to 6 points,” said Chief Freshman Basketball Coach T. “It should be a good game.”

On the same day, Duke faces Michigan State in another match-up that everyone should keep their eye on. Duke has had a great season, Coach K had his 1,000th win with the Blue Devils. Duke comes in at a record of 33-4 with only a few slip ups. Duke is the favorite to move on due to Michigan State’s faulty record of 27-11. A game like this is one in which one coach can outsmart the other. Coach Izzo for Michigan State is a great coach, but it will be hard for his side to outmatch Coach K’s Blue Devils.

“I have Duke winning this game to play in the championship game,” said Chief Varsity Basketball Coach Dixon. “After that, I have Kentucky over Duke in the title game.”

Duke and Kentucky are heavily favored to win their respective games given the coaching, their records, and their overall style of play. In essence, these games should be great ones. With basketball powerhouses going at it in pursuit of glory.