Opening Week Tragedy For Marlins

Stanley Alexis, Sports Writer

Fans had high hopes for the Marlins during the Spring Training but regular season so far says otherwise. During the opening game last week, game delays and rain signaled trouble for the fish. The Marlins lost their debut season game 1-2 to the Atlanta Braves. With outfielder Giancarlo Stanton’s record-breaking $325 million contract, the Marlins are basically expecting him to carry the team on his back and win them games. Unfortunately, his batting average right now is just a mere 0.158.

The Marlins went on a losing streak before they finally won their first game against the Rays 10-9, but then they went on another two game losing streak, having their current record be a disappointing 1-5. Even though the season is still fresh and new, Marlin fans are questioning the playoff contention that their team has so far. Things can change and the Marlins could do a complete 180 and start winning games to qualify for this year’s postseason. Fans are holding hoping they do.

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