Summer Training Success for Football Players

Richard Dye, Staff Writer

How can the players jump back into playing so easily when they get back from school on the first week? Well, one thing for sure is that they didn’t spend their summer sitting on the couch eating potato chips all day. Coach Bradley spent his vacation preparing these boys for the worst and made sure they were fit and ready.

From 8 AM to 11 AM, Varsity players were up and at it, working hard for the new season.

“Well, it was a lot of running and lifting weights for four days a week, three hours a day,” said Coach Bradley, who’s coaching the team for his second year. “It takes dedication, long hours. It’s hard work, and these players have to keep up with their schoolwork on top of all the football.”

There was a total of 10 coaches on rotation helping these players and teaching them everything they need know for a successful season.

“This summer was a hot and tough one,” said wide receiver Kevin Mendelsberg. “But we all improved on everything, and each day we got better than the day before.”

However, players seem to be looking forward to much harder practices, studying the plays a lot more, more strength and conditioning training, and an overall boost of intensity in their practices.

“When we were tired and gasping for air during sprints, Coach Bradley would point at our head and say its all in our mind and had to keep our body moving,” said linebacker Gabe Burzycki.

After all the handwork the chiefs put in over the summer, their skills have increased along with their attitudes.

“We are a very good team and we’re looking forward to having a great season,” said defensive and tight end Josh Pendergrasss.

Being on the football team is no walk in the park, and the training proves that. These boys are hardworking and give it their all to represent this school and to make us all proud. Let’s hope the chiefs come on top and take home the W this year.