College Football Kicks Off



(Jonathan Quilter/Columbus Dispatch/TNS)

Alan McGonigle, Sports Editor

NCAA Football kicks off this week as many teams are looking to make a statement to the country that they’re a no-nonsense team. Especially, the Ohio State Buckeyes.

They shocked the nation once, and are looking to do it again. After squeezing into the College Football Playoff (CFP), snubbing heavily favored Baylor, the Buckeyes turned what would normally be a last place spot in the playoff into a national title. The Buckeyes rallied and overcame injuries to 1st & 2nd string quarterbacks, as they turned their rags into riches.

They now sit atop of the college football throne, after being ranked the undisputed #1 by the Associated Press, and many teams are out to knock them off.

The CFP will still consist of four teams this season and that is the plan for many: to get into the playoff and to bring their school attention and glory. Throughout this week, all of the country’s top 25 teams and unranked teams will start a new season and will represent their school out on the football field.

Many teams are expected to drastically improve and the level of play in the NCAA is becoming higher, especially after many teams signed 5-star recruits to their schools and more college ready players are coming out of high schools.

Big football powerhouses like USC, Ohio State, Alabama, and others are expected to compete in heavyweight clashes for the four spots in the CFP. But some sleeper teams like Clemson and LSU are expected to reach top flight.

Many players have worked hard to get to this point, and are desperate to make a name for themselves and to make an attempt to pursue a career of professional football.

Another college football race, almost the holy grail of college football, is the Heisman trophy. Notable players such as running back Leonard Fournette, running back Ezekiel Elliot, quarterback Connor Cook and others are expected to contend and make a run for the prestigious trophy.

Since college football is back, Saturday nights will no longer be a boring occasion for many, but a night fueled with good food, and with the intensity of football.