Zach McCloud Signs Letter of Intent

Skylar Cross

Alan McGonigle, Sports Editor

After a spectacular career at Santaluces, LB Zachary McCloud is hanging up his high school jersey.

McCloud originally committed to “the U” early in his junior year. That commitment was strong until the link grew weak between McCloud and Miami, primarily due to coaching reasons. In the midst of the 2015/16 season, UM Head Coach Al Golden was fired after the worst loss in school history to Clemson. After his firing, McCloud and many other Miami recruits  decided that they should re-think their decisions. McCloud got cold feet with his commitment status.

Miami then went on the offensive and hired former Georgia coach Mark Richt. He reassured a majority of the recruits, hoping that they would recommit. They most definitely did.

Home visits from the coach himself got McCloud to recommit back to the University of Miami. McCloud also got in on some of the recruiting. Over Twitter, he tweeted at other recruits who also had gotten cold feet about the program in Miami. He wanted them to come back and recommit, and for them to try their best to bring the once prominent football program back to its full glory.

Zach early enrolled in the University after the winter break. Early enrollees usually get an advantage when it comes to playing time and practice, as they have already been assimilated into the college life and have already transitioned from their respective high school programs to a college one. They get the advantage, they also get to run the playbook throughout the spring and summer to get more reps and conditioning in.

Zach has had a legendary career at Santaluces. He follows the steps of a Santaluces great, Vince Wilfork, who also left Santaluces for the University of Miami.

Overall, McCloud has most definitely earned his scholarship. His success was earned and not given, and he will be forever remembered as one of best players to ever wear a Santaluces jersey.