Coach’s Corner: Coach Eisenberger

Matthew Leto, Sports Editor

Coach Eisenberger known as Ms. Eisenberger in her anatomy and thinking skills classes. Coach Eisenberger has been teaching here at Santaluces for four years.

How long have you been coaching at Santaluces?

“I have been coaching at Santaluces for about two and a half years.”

How long have you coached total?

“I’ve been coaching for two and a half years”

Why do you coach?

“I coach because I enjoy soccer.  Whether I’m playing or watching, soccer has always been a beautiful game to me.  I hope to pass on the knowledge that I have of the game to the students at this school so their understanding and their love for the game can grow.”

Best memory as a coach at Santaluces?

“This question is really hard to answer.  Every time a player does something that they swore they’d never be able to accomplish, I feel so much pride in the fact that they learned enough to overcome that obstacle. The phrase I always tell them is “Can’t is a choice.”  Of course it always helps to have natural talent and speed, but skills can be learned, and techniques can be developed.  When a player thinks she can’t kick very far, but then scores on a 40 yard free kick, I’ll always remember that. When a player struggles to come back from an injury that ruins many professional careers, but then displays an amazing defensive performance that shuts down a player who is faster and stronger than her, I’ll remember that. When I ask a girl to play in a position in which I know she is not comfortable, but she performs well anyway, I’ll always remember that. Even when a young player swears up and down that she will never be able to do anything with her left foot but then scores a goal with that very foot, I’ll always remember the pride on her face in overcoming that adversity. I truly don’t think I have a best memory coaching here, but I do have a lot of memories watching these girls discover that if they just push themselves a little bit further, a little bit faster, or a little bit harder, they really can achieve those goals they didn’t think to be possible.”