Coach’s Corner: Coach Natalie


Olivia Moore, Managing Editor

Coach Natalie is the coach for the boys and girls volleyball team, but does not teach at Santaluces. The girls volleyball season has ended in one of the best season in the past few years and the boys volleyball season will begin in March with a goal of matching the same accomplishments.

How long have you been at Santaluces?

“I have coached two years at Santaluces.”

How long have you coached in total?

“I have coached over 12 years in total.”

Why do you coach? 

“I am a coach because I love helping young players develop and grow into great athletes and sharing the passion that I have for the game with them.”

Best memory as a coach at Santaluces?

“My favorite memory as a coach at Santaluces would be this past girls season when we came back from losing the first set against Dwyer, won the second set, then taking them to third set and losing 16-14. We finished so strong and came out 2nd place in the Palm Beach Classic.”