Santaluces’ Savvy Swim Team

Aliya Linan, Staff Writer

Park Vista hosted the first swim meet of the season at Lake Lytal on Friday September 7th. Schools such as Santaluces and John I Leonard went to compete. There, each school was asked to compete in races such as the 200-meter, the 100-meter backstroke, the 200-meter free relay, and even in the diving portion.

This 2018-2019 swim season began only three weeks ago, giving the Santaluces swim team only a limited amount of time to practice before the first meet. Not only were there many new participants on the team this year, but there were also new coaches such as, Coach Spinelli, Coach Crosby, and Coach Tinney, who have all worked together to prepare each and every one of their swimmers.

“Everyones so accepting and it’s just like a giant family” said Kailani Reeder, freshman

“This is my first year swimming. I’ve only been on the team for three weeks so far but with this experience I’ve actually really liked it.” said Jo’Anya Sanival, senior

During the three weeks, the team has been able to form incredible bonds with one another. Throughout the meet, there was not one silent moment for Santaluces. They repeatedly cheered each other on and refused to let one of their teammates give up.

“I love the team this year, they’re all great. We really know how to support each other and everyday were improving” said Ouassima Kenzi, senior

Their next swim meet will take place Tuesday, September 11th, from 6-7 PM against Olympic Heights at the Wellington Aquatics Complex.


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