Jared Patronis: Baseball Signee

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Jared Patronis: Baseball Signee

Madison Elia, Co-Editor

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Today the chiefs baseball team signed away another one of their player’s. Senior Jared Patronis will be joing the last year signee Aj Orrico at Florida State College of Jacksonvile.

Joined by his family and teammates he was presented the letter of commitment. Coach Franco giving a memorable speech to Jared and his family as he wishes them well on their next journey after he graduates.

Baseball has been with Jared for quite some time he stated,

“My dad had got me into it, I am defitnetly ready for the season to start, I am going undecided to college, I am just trying to get past the first 2 years of NJCAA and school, then we will see if im be ready to play for any other leauge.”

Jared has held a 4 year Varsity letter playing as in a vital role for the Chiefs Baseball team, holding postition as pitcher he has shown great achievements throughout his time on the team.

The season is just around the corner for the Baseball team. Jared is the Varsity team’s pitcher and looking for a great end to his four years and highschool baseball careeer before heading off for college.



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