Justin Tucker In The Clutch



Justin Tucker after his game-winning field goal.

Tre Robinson, Staff Writer

Yesterday, NFL history was made.

One of the most unbreakable records in NFL history was broken in yesterday’s matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Detroit Lions. Late in the fourth quarter, the Ravens were surprisingly down by 2 points on a game-winning drive.

Lamar Jackson and his offense were backed up deep in their own territory on a 4th down with 19 yards to go.  Jackson stepped up in the pocket and delivered a great pass inside of Lions territory. Justin Tucker was then called onto the field. When he lined up to kick, he was behind the center field logo making it a 66-yard field goal!

Justin ignored the Lions fans’ loud noises and settled down to knock down the longest field goal in NFL history.

Before yesterday, the longest field goal was a 64-yard boot by Matt Prater in 2013. That record was shattered yesterday, stamping Justin Tucker as the greatest kicker of all time!