Teacher Profile: Griselle Moore


Mrs. Moore is a new Spanish teacher at Santaluces. Mrs. Moore is five months pregnant with a girl she is going to name Nicelle; a mixture of her husband’s name Nick, and her name Griselle. In January, she will be leaving for maternity leave.

“[I’m] super excited and cannot wait,” said Moore. “[I’m] looking forward to some sleepless nights.”

She came to America from Puerto Rico when she was 12 not speaking any English although she could understand it.

“I like the culture and the way we grew up” she said. “[It’s] a way simpler way of living.”

Just like Spanish is taught here, English was taught in school over there.

This is her third year teaching. She transferred here from Christa McAuliffe. She feels the students here are a “different type of kid, more mature.” Mrs. Moore also said that when she came here, she was expecting to have more freshmen in her class, but instead was shocked to find a majority of her students to be seniors.

When walking into the classroom, one of the first things you will notice the vibrant, colorful, and educational posters with popular Spanishwords and phrases lining the walls.

When it comes to her teaching techniques, she wants learning another language to come as natural as possible. She encourages her students to converse in Spanish, and will make it a requirement as the year progresses.

“The more they get to practice, the more it will become automatic,” said Moore

“Mrs. Moore is very enthusiastic in teaching and helping us,” said sophomore Madelyn Seal. “She’s a very good teacher and good at what she does.”