Is FAU Right for You?

Deciding where to go to college is never an easy decision, for some. There are some who already know what college or university they wish to attend, what career they wish to pursue and already have their whole life planned out. Then, there are others who don’t even know what they want to do after they finish high school or if they even plan on going to college.

Florida Atlantic University came to our school and made eye opening decisions to those who weren’t ready to make their decisions on where to go. Katherine Coulson, a FAU representative, began the presentation with information about how to apply for FAU and the best times to submit an application. This would be around December because there is more of an opportunity to receive scholarships or around February because the that is when the money begins to diminish  and they just give out whatever money they have left.

During the presentation, students asked a variety of questions which Ms. Coulson answered right away. Once the presentation was over, those who were shy and afraid to raise their hand during the presentation were free to ask her questions in private.

“I think it gave a lot of information about FAU, especially to those who don’t know much about the school,” said junior Erica Coronado, “I am considering going because it’s close to home and seems like a lot of fun.”

Being well informed about the colleges that you’re interested in is crucial when it comes to deciding on which one is best for you. Choosing the same college as your best friend or the one with the nicest campus shouldn’t be the reasons for going there. You should go to the college that you feel will benefit you and your degree.