To Put it Frankly

This fall, senior Frank Barker was recognized for his outstanding oratorical skills in the first county wide debate tournament of the year.

“Santaluces should be very proud of Frank Barker,” said debate teacher, Mr. Lifson. “He showed that he can both prepare intelligent arguments and think effectively on his feet. His public speaking ability should serve him well in life, regardless of the fields he chooses.”

The event was held at Seminole Ridge High School, and national issues such as the recent debt ceiling crisis, agricultural subsidies, and alimony were a just a few of the many topics. The topics were submitted from different schools in order to give students the chance to debate.

According to Barker, confidence, powerful voice, and a strong stance are the most important qualities of what makes him a good debater and what won him the award.

“There are a lot of things that go into being a good debater besides being a good arguer,” said the senior. “Debating and arguing is not the same thing.”

Barker wants to continue to debate for the Student Congress, a type of debate style, through the rest of his senior year. In the future, he plans on becoming a successful entrepreneur.