Is Facebook being replaced?

Facebook is slowly becoming less and less relevant in the world of social networking for teenagers. Sites on the rise include, Twitter, Instagram,, and Tumblr.

“Facebook is just stupid now,” said sophomore Christopher Perazza. “I think I would prefer Myspace over it.”

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, Myspace was the source of entertainment, taking on all forms from games, to instant messaging, to keeping the rumor mill in business. Looking back on that dreadful time in history, even the cavemen wish they could have destroyed it. Now, if you have a Myspace it would be thought of as social suicide, or a major waste of time.

Twitter is what you would call a ‘mini blog.’ On Facebook, you slowly begin to hate your friends, and judge people who post more than three statuses a day, on Twitter you fall in love with strangers, and you would be considered a loser if you only posted three tweets a day.

“Twitter allows people to express themselves, and find out about what’s going on in the world,” junior Jessica Rouzeau said, ” while people on Facebook tend to talk too much about their personal lives.”

For most kids that have never tried Twitter, the downfall that is holding them back would be the 144 character limit. There is a plus side to this. Teenagers on Twitter can’t have lengthy emotional breakdowns that tend to give everyone reading them a migraine. I’ve never been more happy about a character limit in my life, seeing that I always have many words.

While Twitter has its positives and negatives, they are achieving tremendous growth. Facebook’s revenue growth for 2013 is a low increase of  46 percent compared with Twitter’s increase of 107 percent.

Facebook has ruined my social life too many times to count: Twitter has redeemed it, and to it I owe my internet hours.  Twitter, once I gave it a try became my place to go for advice, laughs, and news, whether it’s sports news, or international headlines. Customization is what works for Twitter, make it yours and it’ll become a world to which you can run when the real world is too harsh to handle.

If you are willing to give Twitter a try, go and follow me and I’ll follow back. My list of who I follow offers a lot of different accounts you might be interested in: @ValMarieLove