Everyone thinks Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is so easy and is the go-to thing if you don’t want to go to school anymore. That’s not true. My sophomore year of high school, after winter break, I got really sick and had to do FLVS for the second semester. Not only was it a long process to get me transferred from being a Santaluces Community High School student to a full time FLVS student, but it took even longer to be put into the four classes I needed to complete my sophomore year.

After two weeks of waiting, I was finally placed in three of the four classes: biology, world history, and geometry. When you’re placed into the class, you then have to wait for a teacher to contact you for what they call a “Welcome Call.” The teachers always called me at the worst times when I couldn’t really talk to get the class started. After a week of playing phone tag with them, I was finally able to start the class. I told myself “This is going to be easy and I’m going to be able to finish all my classes before summer, then I’ll be free!!”


Half way through March, I got really sick and stopped turning in the minimum amount of assignments needed each week. The teachers would not leave me alone, even though I told all three of them that I was sick and wouldn’t be turning in as many assignments as I usually do. Not long after that, at the beginning of April, I broke my ankle and foot. That set me back even further because I spent a month constantly going back and forth to Coral Springs to see my orthopedic doctor. I was put into two different casts, which was the most uncomfortable thing in the world. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t wash that leg, I was constantly sweating even if it was cold outside. At the time all this was going on, my mom was trying to contact my teachers to let them know what I was going through and why I wasn’t submitting any assignments. They wouldn’t call her back, but they were emailing me and calling me everyday. When I tried to call them, I would just get voicemail.

Right before I got my cast off, I received three emails telling me that I was being kicked out of all of my classes “due to failure of meeting minimum FLVS requirements.” So with that, I was behind four credits going into my junior year. I wanted to try and redo at least one or two classes before school started, just so I wouldn’t have so many classes in e2020 to make up. FLVS refused to give me anymore classes because apparently I wasn’t fit to take another course on FLVS. Really?

With that, I would have to say FLVS is a nay. I would never recommend it to any one else. In my experience, the teachers are rude, annoying, and don’t really care about their students.