Is Blue The New Green?


Recycling is a large movement across the United States. The green chiefs on campus are taking strides to play a part in saving the planet.

Ms. Renzette is in charge of the Green Chiefs, the students who are going around campus collecting the recyclables from teacher bins, and Ms. Pirchio is running the recycling movement as a whole.

As of 2012, Santaluces has been recognized as a Green School of Quality, which is the second level out of three that a school can be categorized as, said Pirchio. The goal this year is to make it to the third and highest level: a Green School of Excellence.

“It’s everybody’s job to recycle” said Mrs. Renzetti, who’s heading the Green Chiefs.

To become a Green School of Excellence, the requirements are not clear, but according to the organization’s website, there are relative guidelines to receive a Green Ribbon title. These guidelines include, “Schools that are exemplary in reducing environmental impact and costs; improving the health and wellness of students and staff; and providing effective environmental and sustainability education, which incorporates STEM, civic skills and green career pathways.”

Palm Beach Day Academy has the recognition of being a Green School of Excellence. They earned this honor by teaching environment curriculum to students, emphasizing conservation, and creating community projects including all people interested in participating, according to the website.

At the end of the semester, many students find no need to keep all of the work they completed and end up throwing it away or recycling it.

“It’s important to recycle and help our environment,” said Environmental Club president, junior Marylyn Resendiz. “We are already doing so much damage worldwide. Keeping our environment clean and healthy is the right thing to do.”