Get Warm and Fed with Pumpkin Bread


Valerie Reich

Ovens like these will be used to make the pumpkin bread the weekend before Thanksgiving break.

Chef Swaye and the culinary academy’s annual pumpkin bread fundraiser is back. This is the fifth year that pumpkin bread is being sold to teachers to raise money to support the academy’s extra expenses.

On LTM days leading to the approaching Thanksgiving season, Chef Swaye has samples for the teachers to try with the forms handy for them to pre-order and pay for their loaf of pumpkin bread at $6 per loaf. 

Ordering began on October 10th and will continue to be ordered until November 22nd. Between 180 and 220 loafs are bought each year.

“Every year I order at least four loafs of bread.” said Mr. Badome. “I get for myself and my family because it’s so delicious. It’s moist and I just love the flavor.”

On preparation day, the weekend before the last few days of school, the culinary kitchen is filled with the aroma of fresh pumpkin bread. Eight to ten students show up to the culinary kitchens and spend eight to ten hours utilizing all seven ovens to make Nestle’s recipe for pumpkin bread.

“It’s fun and gives me community service hours,” said Senior Jonathan Lafe, a level four culinary student who takes part in the preparation.

Students distribute the pumpkin bread to those who made a purchase a few days before Thanksgiving break.