Student Profile: Haley Hinkofer

Student Profile: Haley Hinkofer

Some students are known for their success in academics, while others focus solely on varying their social experiences. Then, there are the athletes: the kids who show off in physical fitness, practice all the time, or, like freshman Haley Hinkofer, play multiple sports in the same season.

“I’ve pretty much been athletic my whole life,” said Hinkofer. “Even when I was younger, I was always playing some type of sport.”

Hinkofer is now a varsity swimmer, cross country runner, and a JROTC raider.

“Swimming was my favorite sport because I fell in love with it all over again,” said Hinkofer. “Everyone on the team was so sweet and made me feel so welcomed.”

Other than the school swim team, she has been swimming on and off for two years competitively. Hinkofer had the best 500 (20 laps of a 25 meter length pool) time of 7:50 on the girl’s swim team, and went to districts for it along with an impressive 1:31 minute 100 (4 laps) breast stroke.

“[Sports] helped me meet a lot of new people and also [helps] me stay in shape,” said Hinkofer.

Endurance is a quality not many people have, but it’s a quality very prominent in Hinkofer. Despite having a full plate with practices, Haley has managed to keep her academics above average; for the first nine weeks, she achieved straight A’s.  Beyond her academic excellence, she has a reputation for trying to push the limits athletically. 

“Haley always put in a tremendous amount of work at practice,” said fellow swimmer Michelle Murray, a sophomore. “She really has a way of going above and beyond.”