Green Chiefs Unite!


Something is growing on campus, and it’s not just the vegetables.

The Green Chiefs is a new, project-based class at Santaluces for ESOL students whose second language is English. They learn their academic subjects through hands-on experiences called PBL (Project-Based Learning). Sixteen students including students from Honduras, Mexico, and Haiti are part of the program.

“I feel the PBL program is good. I feel good from it, and it’s great for the community.” said Byron Guitterez, freshman.

There is a  section of the project called “Edible Chiefs” that gives students the opportunity to learn how to grow crops, store resources, and learn business skills. It’s a part of the PBL program because the school feels that it’s necessary to have students learn about these important life skills. One of the huge supporters and leaders of the program is Draw & Paint teacher Mr. Terembes.

“Its not just about growing crops or vegetables, its also about having the students grow as a person themselves,” said Mr.Terembes. “I believe it helps them with supplying their own food, learning how to manage the supplies they have to make crops, and learning business strategies for potential selling.”

The garden is currently in production on the side of the 4000 building and will be in full function soon.