Freshmen Run for Office

The end of the year means many things for Santaluces students, including prom, graduation, and elections. For freshmen, however, election day comes a bit earlier to get a taste of politics before they run as sophomores.

Applications for freshmen class officers are currently underway, and packets are printed out by ninth grade English teachers. These applications must be turned in to Ms. Monahan’s mailbox or room at 4105. The packets will be reviewed, and candidates will be chosen to campaign.

Campaign week for freshmen only is February 10-14, and voting takes place on February 19th and 20th. Candidates that are elected will run for the rest of this year, then there will be elections for other classes next year.

The requirements for applying differ between each career of the office, but all require a 2.5 GPA and the ability to support all activities and programs at the school. The application also asks about previous leadership experiences, involvement in school activities, and a 100 word essay on why candidates feel they should be elected as an officer. Candidates are also required to have a signature of a parent, an assistant principal, a guidance counselor, and all four academic teachers in their schedule.

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