Dress Mess Resolved With ”Reserved”

Prom is the time of year for seniors to get ready for their last hoorah, before they venture off into the adult world.

The main issue for many of the girls attending is the difficult choice of picking out that perfect dress. There is only one problem a girl who finds ”The Dress” can face. Dun dun duhhhh! Another girl arrives to Prom wearing the same dress; the dress you marveled over just a few weeks ago and thought, “Oh, only I will get this dress; it’ll be perfect.”

That’s why the school has made it so much easier to avoid what used to be the inevitable. In the main office, there is a board posted with dresses girls have already purchased. This way, a person concerned about Prom Night turning into Twin Day will have an idea of what dress to get and know if what they have picked out is the same as any of the others attending.

This is the time of their life; it shouldn’t be ruined because some people are wearing the same dress.  So, to avoid a disaster on Prom night, go check out the wall out in front of the main office and add pictures of any dress purchases to the wall.