Scholarship Opportunity at PBSC

Palm Beach State College came to the organization College Help to inform students about the scholarship opportunities that they give during the summer.

There is the Summer Quest Program that is offered to first time college students, meaning that students that apply may not have taken prior courses. This includes AP courses and dual enrollment. If students apply to this program and have taken these courses, then they will be placed on the waiting list.

This scholarship awards $500 for one course during the summer. This course may be a three credit class. The total cost of the class is around $300 and the student gets to keep whatever money is left over . They only offer one course during the summer because they want the student to be successful for their first time in college.

The deadline for this scholarship is Friday, May 2, 2014. Students will enlist on the summer B term which is from June 24 to August 5, 2014. The steps and requirements are on the website to  make this process easy and accessible to all who qualify.