Palm Beach Outlets Let Down

Palm Beach Outlets Let Down

The Palm Beach Outlets are now open. After months of construction, it’s finally here, providing stores like DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, and much more. The Palm Beach Outlets have been trying their best to meet expectations whether it’s by partnering with a variety of brands, create a eye grabbing scenery, or having Mario Lopez host a fashion show the second night of the opening.

It all seemed great until shoppers noticed that the Outlets have faults that aren’t so easy to get over. Many anticipated to see something big and diverse, but, in reality, what they saw is small and, sadly, limited.

“For opening day I wasn’t that impressed.” said Damaris Garcia, a sophomore. “I had a higher expectation but after noticing the small food court and some unopened stores it makes me wonder if they were rushing for opening day.”

Many people feel that there’s no fighting the fact that the site still feels unfinished and were let down, not only by the size, but by the parking situation.

“It’s good except for the fact that there will be a parking fee of $10, but I guess it makes up for the extra security compared to the old Palm Beach Mall.” said sophomore Carl Estiverne.

As the year is just beginning, Palm Beach Outlets may take the time to redeem itself. This could be a new student hangout, or a flop that they’ll forget about by later this year.