End of The Year: A Poem by Chris Reed

She sees me as a friend, but I see her as more.

I’m too scared to speak, because our friendship I adore.

Or maybe it’s the thought deep down in my core

That you’re too good for me, so I shut the door.



But as time passes I fill up with fear.

That you won’t be mine, by the time graduation is here.

I am tired of listening to all of my peers

Who over feed negativity in both of my ears.



So I will stop thinking in doubt, and start thinking logically

every time you talk to me, my cold heart starts to beat

I had my chance before, I just hope my chance is not too obsolete

So please pardon me, I should have been expressed my honesty



If I could have you I would praise life with infinite cheers

I think of wasted time and I pray that the end isn’t near

But I must face the facts and put end to the fear

Of telling her I love her before the end of the year

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