Spring Break Recovery

Tanning on the beach, house parties going late, or just lounging around the house, spring break is a time all students look forward to and dread the end of. Spring break has come and gone leaving students with the task of getting back into the swing of things.

AP Human Geography teacher, Mrs. Sunset took a group of students to Europe, but they weren’t the only kids on campus that traveled. Senior Camila Tobon went to South Carolina during her time off from school.

“I went for my mom to go to Myrtle Beach,” said Tobon.

While Europe and South Carolina are far from home, some stayed local.

“I went to Tampa to see my mom for some of break,” said sophomore Taylor Schmidt, “and then I came home.”

Other than traveling, typical break activities were took place as well.

“This spring break I slept in, hung out with friends, and began guitar lessons,” said junior Christina Strong.

Whether you’re a senior or other class members alike, coming back to the Santaluces halls is no joy ride.

“It’s hard getting back into a school routine because now I’m waking up earlier,” said Strong.

Students are still trying to recover from the first week back from break and are getting ready to blow exams and testing away.