Respect the Other Half: A Poem by Chris Reed

I look at my generation and only detect

A small population giving women the respect

That they earned, that they need, so why do we reject

The other half that we need, so we need to accept


That their here for us even through birth

So why do we fill their hearts with hurt

They are diamonds in the rough but we treat them like dirt

So it’s time to make a change and learn to make it work


Now I write what I see through the use of a pen

And I see you treat women bad just to impress a friend

These childish tactics, could not be conceived by real men

Just boys who act grown, when we know they pretend


So the norms of society that were made by these boys

Were never made correct so we should destroy

Everything that is wrong, all the decoys

And have only love and understanding left for us to deploy


For here on out we should all do our best

To make a new type of male that’s unlike the rest

One who cares and understands, no matter the stress

Because having respect for women is one of God’s tests