PrideFest in Lake Worth


Science and Yearbook teacher Mr. Woods marches in the Lake Worth Gay Pride Festival.

PrideFest is a celebration to support gay rights in the community and for LGBTQ and their allies to come together for such an occasion. It was a huge party in Lake Worth, right by the beach; there were singers, speakers, dancing and much more.

“It was a beautiful day in the downtown area,” said freshmen Jacob Hornfeldt. “ The streets were filled with rainbows  and people dressed in crazy costumes.”

The festival was held by Compass, a Gay & Lesbian Community Center located in Lake Worth and the Palm Beaches that “… aims to diminish stereotypes by challenging long-standing misconceptions about the character of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.”

The city came together for a chance to celebrate unity and equal rights. The lamposts, roadside businesses, and festival participants were all decorated with rainbow flags. People dressed in flamboyant fashions to support the cause; some men were wearing wigs, tutus, and even heels.

“The event estimated to about 17 thousand attendees,” said Mr. Jimmy Zoellner a member of Compass. “We are very enthusiastic about the outcome of this event; the city of Lake Worth has put up the rainbow flag through the whole month of March and they are going to continue to do that. We hope that the support in the community will continue to grow.”

It was Mayor Pam Triolo who gave the proclaimation that March would be known as LGBT Month in Lake Worth. Mayor Triolo gave this speech with more than 40 Compass HOPE youth group members present.

Santaluces’ Yearbook Adviser and science teacher, Mr. Woods is a part of Compass Community Center. He works to help support these rights and helps plan such events as the festival.

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