Heavenly: A Poem by Chris Reed

My purpose is peace, not playing power for the paper

Vital visionary, visualizing my verbs turning hate into vapor

Some of our society is sadistic, trying to cut like a shaper

Deadbeat dad acting distant to his daughter even though he made her


A radical realm of hate and rage is a reality

Make the most of being a mortal with morals, a majestic masterpiece

Treacherous traitors make everyone think tactically

So sad seeing someone slip but I see it had to be


A crazy composition leaves a contradiction to competition

A lazy low-life living to have lyrics heard but never stops to listen

Fearless forever finding flaws from fiction without reality we would live in friction

Adults acting as adversaries after attention is all abased onto addiction


Nobel never needing negative necessities

Having hatred hallow out your home halfway because of heredity

Being bashed badly but becoming the best to be

Hoping honor has happiness that is beyond heavenly