A Day to be Green

It comes once a year and celebrates mother earth; it’s Earth day. This is the international holiday that is celebrated on April 22. It was established in 1970 after peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace.

The holiday has been celebrated by over 192 countries around the world each year ever since. Many people celebrate the holiday by going out and enjoying the environment like talking a hike around a park, or a having a field day. Others may even do something to give back to the world like a beach clean up.

“I believe it’s a great way to enjoy the environment and everything it provides us,” said junior Maruf Chowdury. “I just hope people don’t only enjoy the Earth once a day for it should be taken care of everyday.”

On this holiday, it’s important to remember that to celebrate this holiday, we have to keep this world clean and healthy. Hopefully, everyone can enjoy this year’s Earth day whether it’s just enjoying the Earth, or giving back to it.