What Are Those Painted Pillars?

Randi Goldman, Staff Writer

It’s been a year of changes around campus: new vending machines, as well as a new system to keep track of and give tardy passes. Now, a few of  the courtyard pillars outside the media center have been painted red and blue. According to Ms. Nelson, who suggested the idea, the pillars are an attempt to motivate people to “work harder in order to get into colleges and get excited about college.”

The blue and red are the school colors of Florida Atlantic University and other pillars will represent other Florida colleges and universities. But for now, the project is on hold. There is also a red square below the pillars that is going to eventually have FAU’s owl mascot. The schools that are going on the pillars are supposed to be the four most well-known schools in Florida: UF, UCF, and FSU. Palm Beach State college is also going to be represented.

Administration is also discussing putting college flags up around the 8000 building. This idea has gathered the support and interest of some of the adults on campus.

“I think it’s a great idea, it can bring a lot of awareness  and let people know what they’re working for,” said Mr. Ramos.