Concert Band Earns Superior Rating in Higher Class


Emily Saba, Editor

The Santaluces concert band was awarded a superior rating at the Music Performance Assessments earlier this month. Schools from all over the state take part in MPAs in order to get evaluated for a year’s worth of work. MPAs for this school district are held at Park Vista Community High School annually. 

The band took their repertoire to the next level this year, entering a class grade higher than in past years. Still, they accomplished a superior rating on stage, performing classic band literature, as well as an excellent in the sight reading room, where the goal is to master a piece that is given to the band minutes before performing.

“I saw the talent and passion of the kids this year and decided to take [the band] to the next level,” says Band Director Mr. Nikolovski about his intentions in entering a grade higher.

The band’s success is also a reflection of the accomplishments made the whole school year. During marching season, the band persevered through hundreds of hours of practice to earn a superior in marching assessments as well. In addition, several students also went the extra mile to perform for the FBA Solo and Ensemble assessments back in February. Overall, members earned  23 superior ratings.

Though MPAs mark the end of concert season, the Santaluces Concert Band has no plan to put their instruments away just yet. The annual XCite concert will be held May to mark the end of the school year. On top of preparing for XCite, the band is already looking ahead to the upcoming marching season, prepping a new show and a new season.