A Review of Homecoming Week 2021


Brian Reache

Chiefs gathered at the pep rally.

Brian Reache, Staff Writer

With homecoming week coming to an end and everybody either tired or done with everything homecoming, I myself will say that this is something that every senior should be a part of. This was one that goes straight in the memory book. SGA really did their thing with his homecoming weeks such as their spectacular powderpuff game, pep rally, homecoming game, and the best of all the great homecoming dance.  I was a cheerleader for the powderpuff game and that was so much fun, I have never had so much fun just cheering for a team of any sort in my life. The pep rally was something to remember for sure. After four long years class of ’22 actually, got the stick and we were all so happy like little children in the candy shop getting a big lollipop.

The game was a very close game in Santa v. Lake Worth High even though Santa lost it was still a very great game. The best part of the game is when The quarterback (Aidan)made a 70-yard touchdown, which made the game 20-22. Also at the game, we got to find out who the homecoming king and queen which were two very good friends of mine Kendrick Moricette and Amaika Altona. The dance was the best part even though the music choice was not all that it was still a very great dance overall. In all last week was very good and well constructed. I never thought I would have so much fun showing school spirit.