The Redesigned SAT

When Spring of 2016 comes, the SAT will be “more focused and useful than ever before,” according to CollegeBoard.

The vocabulary aspect of the SAT will test on words that students will be able to apply to their current and future lives instead of words that they will forget the moment they hand in their test. The change is so memorization of countless vocabulary words is no longer needed.

According to CollegeBoard, each passage on the SAT Reading Test will have one or more question asking them to choose a quote that supports answers they have chosen.

As for the essay, the prompt will be available and will not change between tests, but the passage students will analyze will change. The essay will only be required by some school districts and colleges.

Throughout the new SAT, there will be questions directly focused around work in the real world, in both college and careers. In the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section, students will have to do editing and revising instead of just correcting errors.

The redesigned SAT will contain a passage from one of the founding documents (such as the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights) or from a text from the global conversation. This is in order to “inspire a close reading of these rich, meaningful, often profound texts.”

Probably the biggest announcement- the redesigned SAT will remove the penalty for wrong answers.

To view sample questions and more information on the changes you can visit