Why High Schools Should Start Later

Ethan Jayne, Staff Writer

As a high school senior, that feeling of waking up in the morning early for school is dreadful. I look at the same image of my alarm clock showing the time “5:30” and want to go back to sleep for hours more on end.

The most dreadful part of a high schoolers day is first period. The looks on the students faces all around, that all-too-familiar “sleepless night” look. The sight of Dunkin’ on everyone’s desk, the scent of coffee filling the entire room.

As high school students, we stay up later at night, hanging out with friends or talking all night. Yet, it is high schoolers that have to get up before elementary and middle schoolers, who start later.

To make up for this time, I believe high schoolers should be able to start much later, around when middle schools start.

As a result of these later start times, high schoolers will wake up more refreshed, and will be able to eat something decent before a whole school day that is ahead of them. Test scores will be higher as students are more alert, and the amount of students sleeping in class will decrease.

It is with these simple beliefs why I believe high schools should start school later in the day.