Close: A Netflix Film


Araceli Velasquez, Staff Writer

Close is a recent film added on to the streaming service Netflix on January 18th of this year. With the rating of Tv mature. The movie surrounds a young wealthy Zoe, in need of a protector when her life is put in danger. A bodyguard is assigned to safeguard Zoe, when danger is closer than it appears they are forced to go on the run.

As a whole the film is centered around the developing relationship between Sam (the bodyguard) and Zoe. Sam is a tough girl who goes into the job not caring for Zoe because she is the stereotypical rich snob. Sam only chose to do the job because of the money that was on the line. From Zoe’s perspective Sam isn’t a worth getting to know, considering her job was only supposed to last for a couple hours. When arriving at a safe house things go south fairly fast, leading Sam to take action and protect Zoe from the dangers up ahead.

As the movie progresses you see Sam and Zoe relationship grow into a mother, daughter bound. You learn that Sam has a daughter, hence why she has a maternal instinct towards Zoe, that she gave up, but the movie never goes into forth detail about her daughter, which I believe they should have because it would have gave Sam more character development that she lacks. The characters within the film don’t really develop as seperate humans, but develop more with the interactions they have together.

The plot all together lacks continuation, it jumps from Zoe and Sam fighting for their lives, to the wealth Zoe has that her step mother is trying to keep from her. The film has a Taken vibe to it with less extreme measures to protect, plus a oh-so unique damsel in distress act with Zoe being needy towards Sam and her friendship. The film is thrilling yet anticlimactic at some points, with reviews like 38% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film is great if you don’t care for minor plot holes, and a slow paced film, or just want to binge on a film.