The Chiefs Take on the Academic Challenge


Academic Challenge

The Chiefs placed 4th in the Academic Challenge against other Palm Beach Schools.

Lauren Klemowich, Staff Writer

Some of the best students in Palm Beach County came together and competed against each other in an academic challenge, where knowledge and how fast you can answer are combined. 

Alayna Reddick, Sabrina Luu, Macie Binda, Karen Portillo, and Lauren Klemowich led the Chiefs in the competition which is similar to Jeopardy, with each team having to buzz in if they believe they have the correct answer. The questions featured a number of different topics including math, physics, art history, music, and literature.

The Chiefs went up against four other teams in a number of different rounds. The first round included five-point questions, the second round including ten-point questions and the third round including fifteen point questions. For the Chiefs, they took on Suncoast High School, Palm Beach Central High School, Boca Raton High School, and Atlantic High School and placed fourth with 144 points.

“Although it was nerve wracking throughout the entirety of the  challenge, it was very exciting and thrilling to participate in this event against other competitive schools,” states Sabrina Luu, a student who participated in the challenge.

Mr. Carruthers, who has been the coach for Santaluces for nineteen years has never come in last place at the Academic Challenge. This is his final year at Santaluces and the tradition of never losing was maintained. The Chiefs were able to score 144 points against other extremely strong and talented teams.

Going into the competition, the Chiefs had the strategy of never buzzing in if they did not truly know the answer to a question. This strategy proved successful for them with many teams losing dozens of points rushing to answer. 

“The Academic Games was an enjoyable experience as I love a good challenge. It really tested my critical thinking skills and my reflexes. I would encourage any of the upperclassmen, who like to challenge themselves academically in participating” states Macie Binda, a student who participated in the challenge.

Win or lose, the Chiefs were able to get a once in a lifetime experience, testing everything that they learned throughout their high school career and going against their peers.