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Santaluces Blood Drive

De’juh Armani Hickman
Blood donation flier that can be found outside of Nurse Franco’s classroom(4109).

The opportunity to donate blood is now available for Chiefs who are 16 or older on November 17th from 7:30-3:00 p.m. You can sign up to donate your blood by visiting Nurse Franco’s classroom (4109) or Dr. Tellez’s classroom (4101) to receive your Student LEE application form and Blood Donor Consent forms.

The Student LEE form ensures that you aren’t marked absent during any of your classes and you must list the subject, instructor, and room number of your teachers to obtain their signature. The student’s name, grade, parent’s name, parent’s address, home/work/cell phone number, and parent’s signature must be printed on the sheet to be considered for the activity. The Blood Donor Consent form informs the donor about the procedure’s process, aftermath, and risks while also ensuring that the student’s name, date of birth, school name, parent’s name, emergency contact number, parent’s signature, and class schedule are printed clearly.

Blood will be drawn using sterile equipment and sample tubes. Each donor will receive a free wellness checkup that consists of blood pressure, pulse, temperature, iron count, and cholesterol screening.

Donors will receive refreshments, a OneBlood Blanket, a Wellness checkup, 20 community service hours, and lunch that is being served by OneBlood.

Today, I interviewed Gabriela Martinez, a Junior here at Santaluces who was determined to donate blood after being sent the flier.

Why do you wish to donate your blood?

“I want to donate blood because I feel like it’s a win-win situation in which I can help someone with my donation and also get a cute blanket and community service hours in return. I feel like being in a situation where there isn’t blood for my specific blood type in an emergency would be scary.”

Do you have any fears when it comes to the actual donation procedure or the aftermath of it?

“Not really, the only fears that I can think of are those of using improper sanitation or blood-transmitted diseases getting to me.”

As a member of the Medical Sciences Academy, I will be donating blood on November 17th and I hope that you do too. Each donation will allow Nurse Franco and Dr.Tellez to save up money to reward our Senior Chiefs with scholarships, with the  students who have the highest GPAs having a higher chance of winning.

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