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Safe School Ambassadors Program

Valmorria Ambroise
Student ambassadors attend first training session.

What is the Safe School Ambassadors Program?

In short, SSA is a student-centered anti-bullying and inclusion program. A select group of students are hand-picked to be Ambassadors, who will serve as diplomats for their school. This includes standing up for their student population, positively improving campus life, and preventing situations from escalating. Luckily, Santaluces students have the opportunity to engage and involve themselves in this nationally recognized program.

Since this is Santaluces’ first year in this program, our chosen students will be the foundation and the start of improved student life at Santaluces. As your Tribe writers, we are proud to announce that we’ve both been appointed as Ambassadors! We accepted this position with great honor as this is an invitation-only program.

The First Ambassadors Training!

The first Ambassador training of the school year was held earlier this week. In this 4-hour training, Ambassadors got the opportunity to meet our amazing director, Mrs. Ambroise, and bond with fellow Ambassadors. We did a few activities to get to know each other and focused on improving students’ social lives throughout the school by encouraging more positive interactions between students, whether that’s randomly giving compliments out to random students in hopes of turning their day around or finding solutions to prevent bullying, and even also working together to discover many other ways to improve school life for students.

During this first meeting, the students were able to learn a few things with their interactive training, such as that small interactions could make a difference. The students were introduced to a couple of questions that challenged their brains to demonstrate that they shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and that a few words or actions could make a lasting impact.

The central core of SSA is to give these student ambassadors the skills to encourage isolated or excluded students to engage more and resolve conflicts or issues presented in their schools. As we know, change does not happen overnight; with the help of the SSA program, Santaluces hopes to see a difference in the school environment in the course of a year after the program’s launch.

Members of the Safe Schools Ambassadors Program (Valmorria Ambroise)
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