Top Ten Funniest Vines

Top Ten Funniest Vines

Vine, like the part of the plant? No, like the app where you post hilarious videos. Every day, millions of people watch and post videos. That’s why many people prefer Vine over Instagram. Many videos have a message or have people that are just being goofy. In my opinion, Viners such as Marcus Johns and Brittney Furlan make the best 6 second clips. Some other great vines to watch are DEM_WHITE_BOYS trying to dance which makes it that much funnier. Naturally, Vine is made for anyone of any age and is appropriate too. Here are the top ten funniest Vines.

1. “Eh big Rhino!” by: [unknown]. Every time I watch this one, I can’t stop cracking up. This one’s about a random guy in a car shouting out “eh big rhino ala ink ah oh,” while chasing after this silver SUV.

2. “When people always ask why” by: Adnan Monsoor. The whole time he is talking to himself constantly asking, “Why?” to every comment he makes. Plus, he has this accent and different facial expressions that are just amazing. It complements the Vine tremendously.

3. “How I feel about back to school commercials” by: Maddie Kirch.  A short video clip mixed together with a back to school commercial and Steve Carrel with a clip from The Office with him saying “No no no no!”

4. “This is my jam” by: Bo Burnham.  He is sitting in his car listening to a random song yelling out, “This is my jam!” repeatedly.  In the end he says turn off this song and lifts a jar of jam in the air saying “This is my jam.”

5. “How I feel when I stub my toe” by: Dustin Pointer.  He’s running into the living room to grab something then BAM! He runs straight into the table, stubbing his toe, yelling out for his mom to come and get him and take him to the hospital.

6. “How to pick up girls” by: Lance210.  He first gives the introduction to “How to pick up girls,” next thing you know he runs up behind a random girl and picks her up while she screams bloody murder. While he runs with her in his arms, he eventually lets go and they both tumble over each other and crash into the ground.

7. “Grandpa started from the bottom” by: Haley Harris. A young girl was videotaping her grandfather saying at the bottom of the stairs “started from the bottom.” Then once he makes it to the top he says “now I’m here” copied from the Drake song .

8. “Snapchats boys vs. bff” by: Naomi Hope Martin. She is explaining and showing the differences of how girls take Snapchats either to a boy or their best friends. For a boy it would a be a cute , sweet looking face . Then for a friend they make the funniest weirdest faces you could think of like a picture with double chins.

9. “How girls on their diets act like” by: Zane and Heath. Two men dressed up in women’s clothing are yelling at each other from across the room with huge bowls of salad. They suddenly turn around and pull out a hamburger and a donut. Then they turn back around and yell, “You’re cheating on your diet!”

10. “Want some ice cream” by: King Bach. He walks into his friend’s kitchen asking, “Can I have some ice cream?” His friend says sure, but just a spoonful.  He runs out of the kitchen and then runs back in with this humongous spoon. His friend exclaims no way.