Can Rockstar Servers Serve?

Video game savvy fans have been talking about one of the biggest games this year, Grand Theft Auto V. While it may be one of the biggest releases this year, there are still complications with the game that fans are not so pleased with, online play.

For many who may not know, Grand Theft Auto V’s online play opened two weeks after the game’s release and has not been at its best. No, it is not that the online service doesn’t work at all, its that there are three big complications that are upsetting many fans alike.

Players are losing data, such as the features they’ve earned like the money, cars, or the characters they make. It is because Rockstar keeps resetting their cloud servers believing it’ll work again but it only angers fans by erasing all of their online data in the players’ own digital world.

Login problems have also been in the way by loading times being a drag as well.

One last problem is the character creation that limits players from unleashing their imagination which was promised by Rockstar since the release.

“The servers are always lagging, the game feels unfinished,”¬†said George Trejo, junior¬†“it’s just aggravating I thought I was promised a good game.”

In short, Rockstar needs to get their act together and stop thinking with their pockets, and start thinking with their heads.