Pretty Little Spin-off

Pretty Little Spin-off

Pretty Little Liars is ABC family’s power house. It pulls pretty much the entire young adult demographic with it’s tale of a foursome of stylish, Nancy Drew-esque teen girls being bullied by an alphabet obsessed maniac.

The show is paving the way for its new spin-off, Ravenswood, which focuses on a town with a mysterious story behind it. The town was spotlighted on an episode of Pretty Little Liars, where the girls investigate to continue their four-season long game of cat and mouse with A.

Commercials surrounding the new show described it as a town where “the darkness comes to life. Five bounded by a curse will dig up the past or be buried by their fate.”

Pretty Little Liars aired it’s second Halloween special Tuesday. The liars donned edwardian get-ups and crash a party where they think Allie will attend. Instead they find trap doors, get locked in phone booths, meet a girl with a dark past, and get attacked. Basically, it was a typical episode.

While the girls are playing detective, Caleb is on a bus to get to the town. On the bus he meets Miranda, a girl with a troubled past whose heading to the town to live with her uncle, and the two bond.

The liars get separated and Hanna walks around by herself and finds “Help me” scrawled in red on the wall, presumably by Allie. Suspenseful music starts creeping around in the background and Hanna runs to the entrance to find herself entering a house, unknowingly being watched by a gas-mask wearing fellow.

The other three girls think they see Allie from a distance and charge forward, this time losing Spencer. Miranda then shows up in the house, which turns out to be her uncle’s, and finds Hanna locked in a phone booth.

Spencer gets attacked by the same gas-masked man from earlier and is found by Emily and Aria. Then the trio hear Allie screaming and chase after the sound. Instead of leading to their friend, the screaming leads to a recording device and Mrs. Gunwald.

Hanna asks Caleb to stay in Ravenswood to watch out for Miranda. The foursome reunite and discover a flat tire, luckily Ezra shows up, suspiciously out of no where, and offers them a ride.

After being dropped off, the girls see who they think is Allison and cant resist following her. They catch up to her and she turns around and says, “did you miss me?’

Allison doesn’t spend time on pleasantries and instead tells them that it’s still not safe for her to be there and she needs their help, she then abruptly puts a finger to her lips when Ezra approaches and vanishes when they turn back around.

The episode ends with what it’s main focus was, to draw attention to Ravenswood. Caleb and Miranda are strolling together and stumble upon a tombstone with Caleb’s face and his name.

Ravenswood premiered the same night as the special, with Caleb and Miranda investigating his name on that tombstone. They try talking to Miranda’s uncle about it, but he shrugs off their concerns with a cold shoulder.

While in Miranda’s room, the pair spot townspeople at a tombstone erasing graffiti. The people are actually Olivia and Luke, children of a dead man accused of being killed by his wife. Caleb and Miranda attempt catching up to them, but they disappear. Another disappearance is the tombstone from earlier, suspiciously right after being mentioned to Miranda’s uncle.

Caleb heads to a newspaper agency, where he meets Remy. Once he reveals that he’s looking for information on his “relative” Caleb Rivers, sparks flash in the eyes of Remy’s dad.

Caleb is then seen at a coffee house in the town and Remy meets up with him, showing him a picture of his “relative” that she found. At the same coffee shop, Luke is being taunted by a town jerk who brings up old wounds about his dad’s death and mom’s black-widow status. A fight ensues and Luke storms off, followed by Remy, revealing their romantic history.

Remy, Caleb, and Miranda are in the “morgue” of old newspapers, and discover that “Caleb Rivers” and “Miranda Collins” (the ones on the tombstones), both died on the same day. The trio end up leaving after they sense a shadowy figure lurking.

The show ends with the five characters in a car together, then after seeing another shadowed mystery person they crash into a river.

Pretty Little Liars starts on January 7th while Ravenswood fills up it’s 8/7c Tuesday slot.