Pop Star’s Sisters Pop Onto a Reality Show

Bruno Mars’ sisters felt that they were locked out of stardom for too long. They want to be billionaires so bad and buy all of the things they never had. When they see their brother’s face, there’s not a thing that they would change.. his shadow is a whole other topic.

Jaime, Tahiti, Presley and Tiara Hernandez embark on kardashion-meet-jackson five reality show that chronicles the struggle of making it big with their group, The Lylas, meaning “Love You Like A Sister.” The show deals with the four leaving the comfort of the placid waves in Hawaii to the screaming pavement of Los Angeles, conflicts internally and externally with management, and of course the cloud over their head named  “brother.”

The premiere of the show on November 8th had the foursome dealing with their move, their moms death from a brain aneurysm, and an uncomfortable meeting with a talent manager.

The group had their first single with “Come Back,” but no real break through occurred.

The Lylas airs Fridays at 9pm on WeTV.